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Sandblasting in Los Angeles

Burbank Steel Treating Inc. is a leading metal heat treatment facility in Los Angeles. We have been in the business since 1969 and are very proud of all that we have achieved. We have collected an impressive list of well-known clients who have come to us again and again for their metal treatment needs. This is no small feat in an industry as competitive as ours.

How have we been able be so successful? First and foremost, it is due to producing excellent work at a reasonable price (the foundation for any good company). The other reason for our success is that we never stop learning. The field of metal treatment is constantly changing and adapting to new technology and advancements in methodology. We make sure that we stay informed of these changes and adapt to the potential demands of our future clients. Our staff goes to workshops, conferences and seminars regularly so that we can provide the services that our customers need.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a technology that quickly cleans metals that have corrosion, paint or other surface particles that a company wishes to have removed. It can be thought of as a very intense sanding process. Instead of the aggregate or ‘sand’ being applied to a surface, hardened and then used as an abrasive to scour a surface, it is shot at high speed against the surface.

This is performed inside a chamber so that the abrasive compound can be recycled and reused. The result is quick and precise, leaving the piece, or pieces, smooth and ready for the next phase. Our clients can have old pieces cleaned for use by our sandblasting service, or incorporate it into part of our other treatment packages.

Why use Sandblasting?

The sandblasting process may be used to prepare some type of metal surface for adhesion, bonding, insert molding, painting or other coating operations or for a specific texture, for example a matte finish instead of a smooth, shiny appearance. You can also always reach out to Burbank Steel Treating Inc. about our sandblasting services to remove burrs or edge profiling on machined components. We also remove rust, scale or paint from fabricated components.

When you get a piece of metal or equipment sandblasted by a member of Burbank Steel Treating Inc.’s expert staff, it will rough up the surface of the material we are supplied, causing the surface area to expand and, in fact, create a slightly larger diameter in the treated areas as compared the surrounding area. This characteristic of sandblasting makes the ability to precisely target a metal part’s specific treatment areas vital to achieving the desired surface modifications


It is important to sandblast metal as it is the most effective way of smoothing out or getting rid of any imperfections. At Burbank Steel Treating Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to provide the people of Los Angeles with the best sandblasting services thanks to our ability to offer two different types of processing. They are:

Air-driven sandblasting. Compressed air from a portable or trailer-mounted compressor is blown through a sand pot connected to the air hose, thus releasing sand onto the surface. This process is best suited for metal surfaces. After we provide metal surfaces with air-driven sandblasting, we apply a coat of finish to avoid any water intrusion.

Water-driven. Though we specialize in the treating metals, we can help you with decorative brick and concrete surfaces. A 4,000 psi trailer-mounted power washer releases a combination of water and sand onto the surface. The sand is injected into the water from a five gallon bucket connected by a hose and attached to the tip of the power washer. This process cools the surface to which it is applied.

Uncommon and Unusual Sandblasting Needs? Burbank Steel Treating Inc Has You Covered!

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is a hub for visual and media arts. And that’s one of the many unusual or uncommon industries that we work alongside with to provide superior sandblasting and soda blasting services.

As a local artisan, it doesn’t matter if you’re producing wood furniture or mixed-media sculptural installations. What does matter is the care you put into everything you do. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably spent time Googling sand blasting machine prices hoping to pick up a new skill. But take it from us: sandblasting is a difficult and dangerous business! Why not trust Los Angeles’ premier sandblasting contractors? Burbank Steel Treating Inc has provided service to all manner of clients for over 45 years, so no matter what you need mobile sandblasting for, we’re able to provide it.

Transform Ordinary Materials With Exotic Colors and Textures by Soda Blasting

As a materials artist, you have a fascination for the things we build our world with. It’d be nice to work exclusively with marble, but who can afford it? And after a long career in the visual arts, ordinary materials like wood and glass lose their luster. Until now. By requesting mobile sandblasting with Los Angeles’ best sandblasting contractors, you can transform the following materials, no matter what your next project is:

  • Etch glass or create unusual and precise frosted textures on glasswork, sculpture, or lighting
  • Uncover unusual textures or colors in acid-stained concrete as well as provide glass-like smoothness to concrete for floors, countertops, and other DIY materials
  • Treat laminate or composite woods or even vinyl to produce finishes akin to hardwood or tropical wood
  • Smooth out natural stone or composite materials

How Much Does Sandblasting Cost?

Less than you might think! When it comes to the special equipment we provide, and years of training and education we’ve undergone, our prices cost less than purchasing your own sandblasting machine. This is ideal for clients requiring only occasional treatments. Why purchase an expensive machine that will go into your garage for years to come alongside the industrial juicer and jigsaw when you can outsource it to a trusted contractor instead?

Trusting in us for your sandblasting needs is cheaper than purchasing and operating your own machine (to say nothing of the training required), but it also means less risk to your health and safety. Operating mobile sandblasting machines aren’t child’s play. It requires years of training, not to mention protective equipment such as safety goggles, earplugs, and proper gloves!

In fact, we’ve created a little guide to the risks of DIY sandblasting. Don’t gamble with your health for the sake of a project. What’s a few pennies saved at the cost of your well-being? Take a read and call Burbank Steel Treating Inc today instead!

The Dangers of Sandblasting Yourself

If you are the type of person that likes to take all handy work matters into your own hands, please take our professional advice and draw the line at sandblasting. Sandblasting must be a carefully controlled process as there all kinds of dangers involved if you haven’t been properly trained to do it or are lacking all the necessary equipment. Inhaling dust for an extended period during this process can be harmful to your lungs and could even result in the development of silicosis. It has also been known to irritate eyes and skin.

Some of the health conditions associated with improper sandblasting are:

  • Silicosis (sand in lungs), pneumoconiosis, and other severe and dangerous lung conditions
  • Long-term degradation of the lungs leading to breathing problems
  • Irritation and damage to the mucosal linings of the body such as eyes and nose
  • Short- and long-term hearing loss
  • Metal fume fever from byproducts

So, rather than put yourself in danger, leave your sandblasting needs to the professionals at Burbank Steel Treating Inc. Our team is well-versed in all the procedures and has received the proper training to sandblast safely. The Burbank Steel Treating Inc. team is equipped with a tool bag that includes critical pieces of safety gear. Our team’s experience is their biggest asset, so call (818) 842-0975 today and let us know how we can help.

Industries We Serve

If it is made of metal then we can almost certainly help. We have worked with companies situated in:

  • Military applications
  • Aerospace technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Medical equipment
  • Visual arts, artists, sculptors, artisans
  • …and more

We can test the metal you will use for a product or perform services like nitriding, aging, straightening and carburization, to name only a few. Whether you are in one of the industries mentioned above or an entrepreneur in another field, we are here to assist you. Our technicians can help solve specialized heat treating problems. Our trucks are on the road daily for those who require either local pick up or delivery, minimizing the wait time of our clients. If you are further away, we use distribution companies such as Fed Ex, UPS or another of your choosing.

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Sandblasting is only one of the services we offer our Los Angeles customers. If you are interested in enlisting the help of a professional metal treatment facility specializing in heat treating, then give us a call or send us an email. We will gladly help you with any questions you may have. After an initial conversation come see our facility so we can show you the full array of possibilities we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the solutions you have been looking for.